What makes us different is what makes us great

AdParlor builds advertising technology and solutions that enable brand and direct response marketers to plan, execute and optimize their social advertising more effectively.

Our History

AdParlor was founded in 2008 in Toronto, Canada to help marketers leverage emerging social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to better connect with their customers. In 2010 AdParlor launched the first Facebook performance marketing platform, which grew and scaled by working with Fortune 500 brands and major gaming and eCommerce companies.

In 2011, AdParlor was acquired by leading ad-tech company Adknowledge and since then has transformed into a global technology platform that helps marketers scale their social advertising more effectively. AdParlor is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in New York; Kansas City; São Paulo; London and Singapore.

Work at AdParlor

We like to find solutions to hard problems. We’re looking for creative, collaborative, passionate people interested in technology and social advertising.

Career Opportunities