Drive business results with
Facebook and Twitter advertising

AdParlor builds advertising solutions and technology that enable brand and direct response
marketers to plan, execute and optimize their social advertising more effectively.

Trusted by hundreds of brands and performance advertisers

All-in-one Advertising

AdParlor integrates into the Facebook and Twitter Ads API platforms and offers unique technology solutions to save marketers time.

Multi-Channel Management

Advertise on Facebook and Twitter from one unified platform.


Automatically split-test creative and targeting groups with one click of a button in the AdParlor Creation Tool.


Dynamically retrieve and export campaign stats in real-time to seamlessly integrate your reporting system with the AdParlor platform.

Actionable Reporting

Optimize on the go; analyze your data and edit campaigns inline to improve your workflow.


Easily save, reuse, and share targeting and creative assets for future use.

Agency Summary Board

View all your advertising accounts, advertisers, and campaigns in one place for easy analysis of aggregated performance data.

Creative at Scale

Organize, measure and report on creative data to uncover not just which ad is working but why. By bringing together the world of creative measurement and in-house design, AdParlor is able to help social marketers deliver the right message at the right moment.


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Signal Based Rules System

Automatically optimize your campaigns using historical or real-time data to make smarter, better-informed media buying decisions with less effort.


Schedule ads based on real-time weather conditions.

Campaign Data

Use real-time or historical campaign data to automatically control day-parting, bids or budgets.

Service & Support

We believe in supporting our clients whether they’re utilizing our self-serve or fully-managed services, and allow complete flexibility to switch between each option at any time.


AdParlor’s advanced ad trafficking platform, complemented with expert campaign support, data analysis, and creative services.


Our team of experts handles all aspects of your campaign from strategy, creation, media buying, reporting, and optimization.

Success Stories

Let’s talk about your business goals and why AdParlor is the best marketing partner to help you achieve them.



International Reach

We’re able to service our clients in various languages and time zones, and we tailor our approach to unique markets across the globe.



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